Remarkable collaboration between a Catalan poet and a Frisian writer

The Barcelona-based Catalan poet Guim Valls has been residing in the city of Leeuwarden for a month now, while working with the Frisian writer Anne-Goaitske Breteler on a new work, which they will jointly present during Explore the North. These are two totally different writers. In the poet Guim’s case, keywords come to mind such as: urban, hip-hop and direct language. Anne-Goaitske writes prose for which she explores local history and sociology. Still, they also have quite a lot in common, such as their interest in mythology and legends as well as a shared fascination for their minority language – Catalan respectively Frisian. Their collaboration is quite remarkable, one you’ll not come across often.

In May 2022 Anne-Goaitske was invited as a guest to the international Festival Poesia in Barcelona. This exchange project was made possible by Leeuwarden City of Literature, Barcelona City of Literature and Explore the North.