How can you remain hopeful in such uncertain times? How can you remain brave, without being naive? And how can you be realistic, without growing sceptical?

Futures-anthropologist Roanne van Voorst has conducted research across the world, under the most dangerous and uncertain circumstances, and learned from the bravest people on earth how to deal with a future that frightens you. In her Campus Talk, she leads you towards what she refers to as 'sustainable humanity'. The good news: it's something you can learn. The bad news: it's unavoidable, Van Voorst concludes, since being hopeful and brave is not just our last resort: it is simply  our duty.

About Roanne van Voorst
Roanne van Voorst is a researcher, writer, journalist, (TEDx) lecturer and assistant professor. As a futures-anthropologist, she focuses her research on what a sustainable and desirable future for our world could be.

About the Campus Talks
This year Explore the North will once again be present on Campus Fryslân! This is the University of Groningen's eleventh faculty, one where a variety of research is conducted, delving into topics including culture, language and technology, as well as policy studies and sustainable society. Campus Talks will be taking place throughout the festival, with academics discussing the world of tomorrow and the major issues of the day. Intended for anyone longing to know about the ways in which the world works, who can handle new experiences and enjoys amazement.