As a data scientist, Cynthia Liem, an assistant professor in Computer Sciences, concerns herself with developing algorithms. These can be used to closely follow individuals online to establish what they are interested in. Or is it the other way around and is what you are interested in dictated by algorithms?

Can everything in existence be translated into digital data? In order to explain, Cynthia Liem will be cooking. Basing herself on the preparation set out in a recipe, she explains to her audience how an algorithm works. We can only hope that it will be to everyone's taste!

‘A worlds with algorithms is not one where people will have the ultimate recipe and no will longer need to think for themselves. An algorithm should help people in answering the question "What am I looking for?” Humans need to be constantly involved with algorithms, both when creating them and while deploying these. The “versus” school of thought annoys me, where the only question seems to be: “Which is better at something, a human being or a computer?” They work alongside one another.’ - NRC

Our Campus Talks are presented in collaboration with the University of Groningen's Campus Fryslân.

About the Campus Talks
This year Explore the North will once again be present on Campus Fryslân! This is the University of Groningen's eleventh faculty, one where a variety of research is conducted, delving into topics including culture, language and technology, as well as policy studies and sustainable society. Campus Talks will be taking place throughout the festival, with academics discussing the world of tomorrow and the major issues of the day. Intended for anyone longing to know about the ways in which the world works, who can handle new experiences and enjoys amazement.