In the picture: maker Liza Bukina

… say the city is gone but the sea is still there…
Life of most Ukrainians has changed into a raw, hard to comprehend chaos. In eight poetic compositions writer Anastasia Kosodiy introduces you to the Ukrainian refugee theatre makers Liza Bukina and Ivan Zbaraski as well as to the above mentioned chaos their country currently is in. This theatrical presentation features music and TikTok-images which really succeed in bringing the daily reality of war home in a quite powerful way.

This project is part of Untitled Documents, a theatre series about the war in Ukraine by the Jam Factory Art Center in Lviv. It was commissioned by Arcadia, in collaboration with City of Literature, to be developed for a Dutch audience. Leeuwarden and Lviv are both UNESCO Cities of Literature. The performance is followed by a talk with the makers.

Language: English